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Features fit for an award-winning engagement tool

Reduce the likelihood and cost of accidents and re-work

Empower leadership teams (direct and subcontract) to share project information, safety alerts and programme milestones to everyone on site so your projects are error-free.

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Did you know? Engaged workers do better, more profitable work. They have fewer quality and safety incidents, stick around for longer, and lead contractors to greater profitability.

Having an engagement strategy means:





fewer safety incidents

fewer quality incidents

less staff turnover

greater profitability

Sources: Harvard Business Review; Forbes; Gallup.

A safety report about live cables in the Worker Feedback Club app


Don’t give hazards a chance

Enable all on site to have a voice and instantly communicate concerns and feedback to managers in real-time reports.


Make it worth their while

Get everyone bought into long-term project success by tapping into key motivators like status, belonging and rewards.

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Invest in your people to drive project success

Recognise excellent performance and behaviours and visibly celebrate individual and team achievement.



Gain insights you can trust

Automatically survey sentiment across projects, turn insights into high-impact actions and keep your finger on the pulse of site culture.

A data dashboard showing reports by topic and worker satisfaction rates in the Worker Feedback Club app


Improve how your business operates

Maintain full oversight and control of project success with your powerful Management Cockpit. Measure exactly what’s important to your business with maximum flexibility.

Sam Stacey the Challenge Director at UK Research and Innovation

“Low levels of worker engagement is a long-term problem in the construction industry that impacts productivity, mental health, retention and recruitment. Worker Feedback Club offers an intelligent solution, promising widespread benefits for tradespeople and employers alike.”

Sam Stacey

Challenge Director Transforming Construction, UKRI

A construction worker and a construction site manager shaking hands in agreement

Understand how Worker Feedback Club helps you get better business outcomes through worker engagement

Don’t just take it from us. Learn more from contractors leading the way.

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