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Contractors of all sizes and specialisms use Worker Feedback Club to power their site communications and worker engagement.

Construction workers laying reinforcing bar on a construction site in the UK

How Multiplex identified risks of labour exploitation and discovered practical measures to address them


Why the answer to contractors' shrinking margins is already in workers' hands

Construction worker's hands
Plumbers, electricians and labourers sitting on a wall and eating their lunch in the UK
Case study

How Willmott Dixon Construction connected the dots between high-level strategy and worker experience


Health & safety scores: part of the solution or part of the problem?

A construction site health and safety sign behind a security fence.
A construction worker feeling unmotivated about the project

How to improve the motivation and loyalty workers have to projects

Building sites workers love

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Screenshot 2022-06-10 at 09.31.53.png
A group of construction workers digging a trench in the road for pipework

Do you know how workers perceive your brand?


Workers' experiences during COVID-19

A tradesperson drinking from a glass of water

How water can save contractors millions


Why so many tradespeople take their own lives

Construction site lockers containing several hard hats belonging to tradespeople
Construction workers paying attention to their work

By overloading people you're training them not to pay attention


The data creating big winners and big losers in construction

Amelia Knott an Independent Human Rights Consultant

“Worker Feedback Club is necessary and important, now more than ever with labour shortages and global crises meaning that the experience of workers themselves is increasingly deprioritised. I'm so impressed with how the platform connects reporting to recognition and rewards to drive engagement. It fills a huge gap.”

Amelia Knott

Independent Human Rights Consultant

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