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Construction workers paying attention to their work

By overloading people you're training them not to pay attention

A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.


We can all relate to this.


😳 The website riddled with competing calls to action

😳 The impenetrable Ts&Cs

😳 The friend who never stops talking


Even this article is 1 of 7,500,000 that will be added to the web today (thanks for choosing this one).


Information overload leads people to poor decision-making, memory loss and low productivity. It’s bad for business.


And it’s an endless challenge for organisations to cut through the noise and land messages effectively. Prospects, customers, shareholders, staff, investors – we’re all swamped.

Attention on site

We’ve learned from construction site managers (SMs) that, at any one time, they have a hundred important things they need to share with people on site – from safety alerts to programme changes.


Sites are complex and to avoid creating attention poverty for workers, SMs try only to share two or three things at a time. Bite-sizing information like this – and making it simple, relevant and clear – makes workers less overwhelmed and increases knowledge retention.


But that’s not always possible because SMs only have brief contact time with workers. In many cases SMs rely entirely on supervisors to relay information.


So SMs tend to have to “cram-in” a wealth of information to those moments with the result that people forget things and make mistakes. It then costs time, energy and money to put things right.

Messaging adapted to the field 

What if SMs had the freedom to share what they needed to share, at the appropriate time and in bite-sized pieces, so that operatives were always informed and focused?


It’s questions like these that inspired us to create Worker Feedback Club’s Live Updates feature. It’s like having a WhatsApp group tailored specifically to your construction site. You decide who sees what and when – and read receipts tell you information’s been seen.

Worker Feedback Club app showing a Live Update from site management about the removal of lockers from site.

By overloading people you’re training them not to pay attention. Live Updates ensure that they do.


Worker Feedback Club gives site teams control and reduces stress – and ensures that information is manageable.


Find out how Worker Feedback Club can arm every single operative, supervisor and manager with the information they need to work effectively.

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